Showcase: Photoshop

I use Photoshop almost everyday for small image adjustments, but I also make complete drawings from time to time. I’m no graphic artist or illustrator but I know enough to express myself.
Here are some of my works on this topic.

Silvan Archer

Arquero (Acabado)

I made this for a fast Photoshop drawing contest and won the 1st prize. It’s my 1st and only 100% photoshop drawing and I like the iterative proccess I used to improve it until the final result because it shows part of how I work in problem solving.

Luchador Concert


A colouring job of a hand drawing a friend made. I started cleaning the scanned draw, then filling with plain colours, adding some shadows and after that I played with the lights. I really liked the final result, especially without having any experience in this kind of work.